• Batch Watermark Images Online

    Our batch Watermark online application can be used to watermark images online. All popular image formats are supported, including jpg, gif, png and bmp. The sleak web interface can be used to easily change the look and feel of the watermark. Font size, color, transparency and type can also be changed. The position of the watermark can also be postioned as you wish. The text on the image can also be rotated and special styling can be done including a box around the watermark text.

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  • Mp3 Tag Editor Online

    We are proud to claim that our Mp3 tag editor is the ONLY online web application that can be used to change mp3 tags. The application supports up to 20 Mb file size. The interface is quite intuitive. Select your mp3 file and the application will display all the mp3 tag information. All you need to do is change the mp3 details and save the mp3 file. Basic tags like title, album name, mp3 comment, copyright information, genre, year, album artists and composers can be changed. The application also supports the change of album cover by uploading an image from your computer.

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Watermark Images

  • Batch upload images
  • Full font styling control
  • Precise position control
  • Rotation of text
  • Beautiful fonts
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Mp3 Tag Editor

  • Sleak interface
  • Change multiple Tags
  • Control Album Cover
  • All Mp3 version supported
  • Genre supported
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Gif Resizer

  • Batch upload gif
  • Resize without loss of quality
  • Optimization of all frames
  • Single click resize
  • High Quality Output
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Video to Gif

  • Sleak Interface
  • One-Click Upload
  • Supports Multiple formats
  • High Quality Output
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Gif Splitter

  • One Click Upload
  • Convert Indvidual Frames
  • Different Output formats
  • High Quality Output
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Crop Gif

  • Clean Interface
  • One Click Upload
  • Crop with ease
  • Crop with Aspect Ratio
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Welcome to IMGaid

Imgaid is an online collection of image utilities that are very intuitive and easy to use. Our "watermark images online" application is one of the best on internet that not only supports multi image select but also has many options that can help you fine tune the watermark to your liking. Our Mp3 tag editor is the ONLY known web application that is capable of editing mp3 tags. The application also allows to update the album cover. There are many applications in the pipeline. Some of the applications that Some of the applications that we are currently developing are; convert image formats online, image editor online, collage creation and extract of text from images.

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We have been using IMGaid for a month now and it solved our image watermarking problem. The application can amazingly watermark more than 100 images by a click. The fact that the application allows multi file selection makes using the application super easy.

Kalpana Volety