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 Step 2: Set watermark properties

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     Step 3: Watermark Photos

     About Watermark Images

    Watermaking Image files is necessary if you want to protect your ownership rights over the image. When images are shared with others or put on websites, anybody can view and easily download the files. The re-usage of image files downloaded from various pages without the permission of the owner is illegal but unfortunately rampant on internet. The best way to protect the image is to watermark it with a visible text that will always show the owner of the image and hence you can easily track if the image was yours. Our application helps to batch watermark many images online without the need to install expensive watermarking tools. You can watermark as many images as possible all in one go. Just select all the images, set the watermark options and save all the images in a single zip file. Watermarking at our site is unique with a full control over the watermak text options like font size, font color and placement. You can place the watermark whereever you like on the image. Many special effects to the watermark text can also be added easily. Should you need any additional options, please donot hesitate to contact us. Batch watermarking images is an online tool and hence needs only a browser and an internet connection.